The Untold Nativity Story

Sermon Title: The Untold Nativity Story (A Christmas Eve Homily)
Scripture Reading: Revelation 12:1-17; Matthew 2:1-18; John 1:1-5

Many people are familiar with the nativity story involving Mary, Joseph, shepherds, and kings. We can find the birth narratives of Jesus in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. But not everything in this familiar story is joyous and pleasant. We are told that Jesus comes into a world of darkness. Shortly after his birth, King Herod orders that all of the firstborn sons of Bethlehem be killed to prevent the fulfillment of Messianic prophecy. The family of Jesus flees to Egypt and they barely escape death.

In The Untold Nativity Story (A Christmas Eve Homily), Pastor David draws our attention to an apocalyptic nativity story found in the book of Revelation, where spiritual forces of darkness are at work behind the scenes, seeking to stop God's plan of salvation.

In apocalyptic fashion, John the Divine tells us that God's light pierces the darkness and triumphs over evil by Christ's coming and sacrifice. It's in this story that we find comfort and assurance that we are not alone. This is the hope of Christmas.

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Aliens & Exiles (9 of 9)

Sermon Series: Aliens & Exiles
Sermon Title: The Triumph of the Lamb (9 of 9)
Scripture Reading: 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Revelation 5:6-7, 12; 12:10-12; 19:11-16

After the resurrected Jesus ascended to the Father in heaven, angels appeared and told the disciples that Jesus would return. Paul tells us that Jesus would come again like a victorious king and be with his people in a forever Kingdom. And it’s in the book of Revelation that we see how Jesus brings about the end of empire and saves his exiles for a renewed earth. What will that look like?

In The Triumph of the Lamb (9 of 9), Pastor David concludes our series by encouraging us to be overcomers who defy the beast and worship the Lamb who was slain. 

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Aliens & Exiles (1 of 9)

Aliens & Exiles: Being a Christian in a Post-Christian World

Fall 2016 Sermon Series | Sept 11th - Nov 13th

Aliens & Exiles is a series that looks at the biblical motif of God’s people being strangers and sojourners within a society and culture that doesn’t recognize God’s reign and rule on the earth. The church in America now finds herself in a post-Christian world. We have no choice but to think and live like aliens and exiles who receive no special privileges from the world around us. While this may be challenging, the Scriptures reveal it is an opportunity to display the good news. As followers of Christ, we are citizens of heaven. What does that mean exactly? And what does it look like to live as aliens and exiles in a post-Christian America? In Aliens & Exiles we will consider how we are called to remain faithful to Christ in the midst of idolatrous Empire.

Sermon Series: Aliens & Exiles
Sermon Title: The Promised Land (1 of 9)
Scripture Reading: Rev. 1:1-3; 21:1-8; Phil. 3:20; 1 Peter 2:11-12

Our series begins with John exiled on the island of Patmos. In many ways, John represents the biblical story of God’s people living as aliens and exiles under the reign of empire. The revelation of Jesus to John captures our imagination as we peer into heaven’s throne room and eventually see the consummation of heaven and earth with the return of the victorious Lamb. Some stories need to begin at the end. In The Promised Land (1 of 9), Pastor David helps us to envision God’s telos (end goal) and what is required of his people as aliens and exiles seeking to reach that glorious end.

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