AC Choir profile: Meet Catherine Macharia

In the lead-up to the African Children's Choir concert at Grantham Church on Nov. 27, we're profiling some members of the choir to show what a difference it's made in their lives. 

ACC catherine.png

As a child, Catherine Macharia was unable to attend school. 

She grew up in Langas, a slum in Eldoret, Kenya. During her childhood, Catherine endured political turmoil and great uncertainty that prevented her, early on, from getting an education. 

That changed when she joined the African Children’s Choir. 

Through her two-year stint in the choir, she gained access to schooling and toured the West. 

She came home determined to help others as she’d been helped. 

In 2011, Catherine received a nursing degree, and she now works as a midwife not far from where she grew up. 

Catherine says God gave her a chance to change lives and make a difference in women’s lives, and she says her time with the African Children’s Choir was “the greatest experience of her life.”