AC Choir profile: Meet Dr. Robert Kalyesubula

In the lead-up to the African Children's Choir concert at Grantham Church on Nov. 27, we're profiling some members of the choir to show what a difference it's made in their lives. 

Dr. Robert Kalyesubula grew up in a large family. 

With 10 kids sharing one house, he often didn’t even have a place to sleep because his home in Uganda was so crowded. 

He also lacked a consistent source of clothing and food. 

He wasn’t even going to school before he joined the African Children’s Choir. But when he found ACC, his life changed. 

Suddenly, he had food, shelter and a new set of friends. 

“I was able to play with the others without fearing and wondering what I was going to eat the next day,” he says. 

Robert toured with the first ACC, and then he returned to Uganda, where ACC paid for him and his brothers to go to school. He eventually earned a degree in medicine in Kampala. 

He has another brother who also became a doctor, thanks to ACC. 

Today, Robert gives his services to the village where he grew up, and he credits ACC with giving him the support he needed to succeed.