Grantham Church Bulletin

The bulletin is the way we connect with the people who attend our church. We feel it’s a bridge between the church office and our members. The bulletin lays out what’s happening at church, when it’s occurring, and where. But it does more than that.

It’s one of the best ways for us to communicate our needs to you. When we have a service project or need to collect materials for Vacation Bible School, we publish our appeals in our bulletin to let people know of our needs. We love to see how quickly people step up to help when we reach out. This reflects one of our core values as a Brethren in Christ U.S. church, of serving compassionately and helping others in need.

The bulletin also provides a great way for you to reach out to others at the church. Does your group or ministry at Grantham Church have an upcoming event? Do you need resources or assistance in serving others? We can add your announcements or appeals for help to the bulletin.

Let us know what you need.

Catch Up on Last Week

For those who have to miss a service — we understand that it happens from time to time — the bulletin can also be a great way to catch up.  

Please visit our sermons pages to find the date and bulletin you are looking for.