Get Connected at Grantham Church

connecting grantham church

Fellowship has so many benefits: happiness, comfort, friendship, spiritual renewal.

At Grantham Church, we put a high value on experiencing these things by connecting with others. We do so in many ways. We have softball teams who have fun together; small groups who share food and faith; volunteers who mow our grass, cuddle babies in the nursery, or minister to others in different ways.

We believe embracing others can help further your own relationship with God. When we spend time with friends and neighbors, we learn more about ourselves. We encourage harmony and unity, important parts of our core values as a Brethren in Christ church in PA.

Opportunities for Fellowship at Grantham Church

Our connections are what make our church a community. 

People of all ages interact with one another at Grantham. Since we’re near Messiah College, we have college students who help with our children or connect with current and former employees at the college who worship with us. It’s uplifting to see them all share their knowledge and experiences.

Part of worshiping God joyfully is reaching out to others. Whether you’re befriending someone in a Learning Community or bonding with other parents as you prepare a meal for Eat & Run, you’ll find many opportunities for fellowship at Grantham Church.