When you worship alongside people in a larger church, you may recognize folks when you see them at the store or greet them in the lobby before a worship service. But you may not learn a lot about them other than their kids’ names or how lovely their voice is during a hymn.

We love to offer a way to go beyond that through Connections, our quarterly newsletter dedicated to providing encouraging and uplifting articles about those who attend Grantham Church. It’s designed to be informative, offering updates about events or projects happening at the church.

But it’s also designed for inspiration. These beautifully told stories, illustrated by professional-quality artwork, help show you the real heart of Grantham Church.

We have run stories on:

  • Stories of transformation and how God has revealed himself in our lives

  • In-depth profiles of our newest hires

  • Special readings for holiday seasons

You can find printed copies of Connections at Grantham Church or access digital copies in the form of a PDF down below. Thanks for reading about what God is doing in our church.

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2017 Volume 3

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