Learning Communities at Grantham Church

At Grantham Church, we believe we’re always learning. Our relationship with God grows as we learn more about ourselves, our faith and our purpose. That’s why we offer learning communities for all ages on Sunday mornings. Learning communities are personal spaces that offer you a chance to meet other members of the church and deepen your relationships with others on a journey with Jesus.

Our adult learning communities are intergenerational and meet according to topics. The following learning communities meet at 9 a.m. on Sunday mornings.

summer 2018 Adult Learning Communities

Call to Holiness: Dynamic Life from Spiritual Disciplines (June, July and August) – The Philathean class will be studying Dynamic Life from Spiritual Disciplines based on readings in both the Old and New Testament using the Wesley Bible Curriculum. All are welcome.

  • Room A1
  • Teachers: A variety of teachers will lead the discussion each week.

Contemporary Christian Issues (June and July) - In this class we will tackle a range of topics of contemporary interest. The materials for the class will be recent articles from Christianity Today. The discussions will be facilitated by several different leaders. Each week will be devoted to a different topic and article. Thus, it is not necessary to be part of each session. The class will begin on June 3 and will conclude on July 29. Some topics include: Can You Control Yourself?; Changing Church Attendance Patterns; A Lesson in Listening; In Memory of These; Sola Scriptura; The Israeli – Palestinian Conflict; and others.

  • Room C8 – C12,
  • Facilitators: a variety of teachers will lead the discussion each week.