Learning Communities at Grantham Church

At Grantham Church, we believe we’re always learning. Our relationship with God grows as we learn more about ourselves, our faith and our purpose. That’s why we offer learning communities for all ages on Sunday mornings. Learning communities are personal spaces that offer you a chance to meet other members of the church and deepen your relationships with others on a journey with Jesus.

Our adult learning communities are intergenerational and meet according to topics. The following learning communities meet at 9 a.m. on Sunday mornings.

FAll 2018 Adult Learning Communities

Light Enters the Darkness: John’s Gospel of Jesus’ Life
Philathean Class
Room: A1
Leaders: Dr. Sam Brubaker, Dr. Wayne Cassel, Dave McBeth, John Sider, and Glenn Pierce. Dates: Sundays, September 2 – December 30 (except October 21)
Time: 9-10 AM

The Pietist Option
This class will be reading and discussing The Pietist Option: Hope for the Renewal of Christianity. Here is what one writer has said about the book: “The Pietist Option introduces Pietism to those who don’t know it and reintroduces it to those who perceive it as an outdated and inward-focused spirituality, a nitpicking divisiveness, or an anti-intellectual withdrawal. With its emphasis on our walk with Jesus and its vibrant hope for a better future, Pietism connects decisively with the ideas and issues of our day. Here is a revitalizing option for all who desire to be faithful and fruitful in God’s mission.”
Room: C8-12
Leaders Ken and Yvonne Martin; Teachers, Randy Basinger, Devin Manzullo-Thomas Dates: Sundays, September 9 – December 16 (except October 21)
Time: 9-10 AM

The Reason for God
In The Reason for God, Tim Keller answers questions arising from doubt by showing how belief in a Christian God is a sound and rational belief. Some of the questions Keller deals with include: “How Could a Good God Allow Suffering?”, “Isn’t Christianity a Straitjacket?”, and “How Can You Take the Bible Literally?”. He thoughtfully and carefully answers these questions and then develops a foundation for Christian faith from the nature of the world, the existence of sin, the need for morality, and our own life stories together with evidence from scripture. The ideas we will consider can help us in our own spiritual journey as well as prepare us to answer questions that skeptical friends and neighbors might ask.
Room: C7
Leaders: Geoff Isley and Ron Burwell
Dates: Sundays, September 9 – December 16 (except October 21)
Time: 9-10 AM

The Warrens will lead discussions that address the wide-ranging challenges that all parents face, including challenges to marital relationships that can happen during the years of peak parenting stress. Parenting is a roller coaster that we can’t get off once we are on! The highs are high, and the lows are low. Parenting is hard work. Several helpful resources will be referenced during the class and there will be an emphasis on conversation and mutual support. Please consider joining us.
Room: C9
Leaders: Lori and Dave Warren
Dates: Sundays, September 9 – November 18 (except October 21)
Time: 9-10 AM

Journeying Together: Advent Series
Four stand-alone sessions will offer time and space to experience Advent together. Beginning with the question, “What is Advent?” and offering a connection to a wide array of resources, each week will include scripture, reflection, and prayer. Attend just one or all four sessions and deepen your experience of the longing and hope of Christmas. For more information, contact kchripczuk@granthamchurch.org
Room: C9
Leader: Pastor Kelly Chripczuk
Dates: Sundays, November 25, December 2, 9, and 16
Time: 9-10 AM

NOTE: October 21 is the combined Missions Sunday Learning Community