Learning Communities at Grantham Church

At Grantham Church, we believe we’re always learning. Our relationship with God grows as we learn more about ourselves, our faith and our purpose. That’s why we offer learning communities for all ages on Sunday mornings. Learning communities are personal spaces that offer you a chance to meet other members of the church and deepen your relationships with others on a journey with Jesus.

Our adult learning communities are intergenerational and meet according to topics. The following learning communities meet at 9 a.m. on Sunday mornings.

spring 2018 Adult Learning Communities

Bible Studies

The Philathean Class will study several letters of Paul through February. From March through May, the class will study several Old Testament books (Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy).

Room A1

Teachers: Sam Brubaker, Wayne Cassel, John Sider, and Glen Pierce


The Discipleship Class

This will use two books as resources for Bible study. During February, Life of God: Why the Bible Matters Today More Than Ever will help us focus on why we read the Bible. Describing the Bible as a “book of meeting,” author David Watson presents scripture as the means by which we meet and “learn to know, love, and follow the one and only living God.” If you’ve resolved to make 2018 the year you dig deeper into God’s word, the four-Sunday discussion of Watson’s book can set you on a good course. From March to May, Scot McKnight’s commentary, The Letter to Philemon, will be the resource for special attention on issues of racial and ethnic reconciliation.

Rooms C8-12

Leaders: Ken and Yvonne Martin

Teachers: Rebekah Basinger and Randy Basinger


Simply Christian (February)

N.T. Wright tells us that he wrote this book “…to describe what Christianity is all about, both to commend it to those outside the faith and to explain it to those inside.” Simply Christian has three parts. We will complete our study of this book by looking at Part Three. This final part of the book introduces us to what it looks like to follow Jesus including topics such as worship, the Church, prayer, the Bible and our future hope.

Room C7

Facilitators: Geoff Isley and Ron Burwell


The Life You Always Wanted (March, April, May)

This class will look at how spiritual disciplines can help everyone in their journey to be more Christ-like disciples. The study is based on John Ortberg’s book, The Life You Always Wanted.

Room C7

Facilitators: Geoff Isley and Ron Burwell


Parenting (February)

Lori and Dave Warren will continue leading the parenting class that was started in the fall. In this class, the Warrens have created a study that addresses the wide-ranging challenges that all parents face, including challenges to marital relationships that can happen during the years of peak parenting stress. Parenting is a roller coaster that we can’t get off once we are on! The highs are high, and the lows are low. Parenting is hard work. Several helpful resources will be referenced during the class and there will be an emphasis on conversation and mutual support.

Room C9

Teachers: Lori and Dave Warren