Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,
This past Sunday I preached a message that was meant to point us in the right direction with engaging a post-Christian culture with the good news about Jesus. We looked at a few things we learn from Paul’s approach to evangelizing a pagan world. If you missed the sermon, you can now listen to The Gospel in Post-Christian Context (7 of 9) at our website. You can also view the slides and download discussion questions for small groups.
Here are seven major points from the sermon:

  1. The church is being called to practice our faith in humility as servants, not as masters from positions of privilege.
  2. We must be willing to meet people where they are and overlook their sins so that we can love them to Jesus, the one who changes them.
  3. We should look for where God is already at work in a person’s life (though they might not know it) and build on that.
  4. We need to listen to people and engage in real diaolgoue, not preach at them; God may teach us something through them.
  5. Unbelievers don’t believe in the authority of Scripture, we must invite them in through story and not biblical information.
  6. Like the apostle Paul, we should begin by honestly affirming something good about people, not insult them and easily take offense.
  7. As disciples of Jesus, we are called to see the good in culture that can be used to point people to Jesus and their need for him. 

I hope you’ve been enjoying our Aliens & Exiles series. This coming Sunday I plan to address our political situation more directly in a message entitled, When Kingdoms Colllide (8 of 9).

Are the politics of Jesus relevant for us in a democratic society? What do we do in an empire that asks for our opinion (vote) every four years? If Jesus or Paul lived in America, would they vote? If so, how would they decide who to vote for? And what does Paul mean when he tells the Christians in Philippi that their civic life (politeuesthe) should be worthy of the gospel of Christ? Don’t miss this Sunday.
Also, don’t forget that will be having an Election Day Communion service on Tuesday, November 8 @ 6:30 pm. I truly believe that this service is more than just another church event. I feel that your presence can make a profound statement. This service is a subversive act of worship where we will be affirming our unity in the church and our allegiance to King Jesus. Please plan to join us for prayer, reflection, and sharing the bread and cup together.
Finally, I want to remind you that you’re invited to attend Congregational Council this Sunday, November 6 @ 6:30 pm. We will be voting on the budget and I will be casting vision for Grantham Church. I look forward to this being a meaningful time of assessing where we are and where we’re going together.
Thank you for investing your life into Grantham Church.  May we continue to invest by faith and wait expectantly upon the return from the Lord.
Grace & Peace,
Pastor David

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