Email From the Pastor

Brothers & Sisters,

It’s good to see the sun shining this week. I hope its light and warmth penetrates your soul.

We had a great time Sunday afternoon at Harvest Happening. Despite having to partially meet indoors due to the rain, the event was a great time of fellowship and community-building. I want to thank Doug Curry and all of the many volunteers that helped to make the event a success. My family enjoyed sharing the experience with you. 

Did you miss the sermon on Sunday? You can now listen to Living in the Land of the Lions’ Den (4 of 9) at our website. In the latest installment of the Aliens & Exiles series, we looked at the life and example of the prophet Daniel. We encountered a God that can do great things in the midst of our exile, if only we will be faithful and believe in him. 

Here are the reflection questions following the sermon:

  1. Do your priorities and patterns of living truly reflect that your exilic faith comes before the world?
  2. Where is God calling you to be faithful and wait for him to vindicate you, revealing his favor on your life?
  3. Are you willing to follow God into the lions’ den if it is required of you for saying no to a disbelieving culture?
  4. How can the Grantham Church stand together and say that our God is greater than kings and presidents?

It is my prayer that this series isn’t only challenging you to think about the gospel of Christ and its implications for living in today’s world, but I’m praying that it’s also encouraging you in the current socio-political climate. Truly, my desire is to point us in the direction of Christ and the Kingdom that we might be faithful to him and know his peace. Jesus wants to give us his peace, which isn’t like anything the world can give (Jn 16:33).  

May we take hold of his peace together. Lord, increase our faith and give us your peace.

This coming Sunday we will be in the book of Daniel once again. I hope you will join us as we reflect on our faith and our allegiances in a message called, Faith that Burns Brighter Than the Furnace (5 of 9). 

Finally, remember that this is Melanie Schubert’s final week as our office assistant. Many of you have already taken time to share your love and appreciation for Melanie in various ways. Thank you. If you’d like to see her in person, the best time would be to stop by the office during Eat & Run and our Wednesday night ministries. 

Have a blessed week. As always, I look forward to seeing you in worship on Sunday.

Grace & Peace, 

Pastor David

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