Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

We had a great time in worship yesterday! Our service focused on our personal relationship with Jesus and God’s desire to speak to us. Did you miss the sermon? 

You can now listen to When God Speaks at our website. 

Here are the reflection questions for the message:

  1. God is speaking to you all the time, how well are you listening and recognizing his voice?
  2. God meets us where we are and usually speaks to us in ways that fit our personality and receptivity. Are you recognizing his patterns of speaking to you?
  3. While you may have heard God speak one way, are you open to hearing him in other ways? Where is the Spirit calling you to grow in your relationship?
  4. When God speaks, will you obey his word to you?

This Sunday we will continue to think about prayer and how Jesus taught us to pray. In a message entitled, Thy Kingdom Come, we will consider how Jesus reveals all prayer to be a cry for the Kingdom. We join with God in bringing heaven to earth when we pray for his will to be done all around us.

What does that mean for Grantham Church? What might that look like for us in our context? 

I would like to invite you to intentionally listen in for the Lord’s voice in the next few weeks. What does he want for you and your family? How is Christ calling you to serve and build up the church this Fall? 

Have a great week!

Pastor David

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