Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

I hope this letter finds you resting in the peace that only God can give.

Last Sunday we began our Fall 2016 sermon series, Aliens & Exiles: Being a Christian in a Post-Christian World, with a message entitled, The Promised Land (1 of 9). I want to encourage you to listen to the first sermon if you missed it.

In summary, the message was about where God is taking all of creation. It is through the resurrected body of Jesus that we can see God is bringing heaven and earth together. This new reality is the land promised to us. In the meantime, as we await the new heaven and earth, we are called to prepare the way for God’s reign and rule. We do this best by seeing ourselves as aliens and exiles—representatives of the Kingdom of heaven on the earth.

This coming Sunday I’ll be sharing a message called, The Road to Exile (2 of 9). There were both human and divine factors which led to ancient Israel experiencing exile. What were those factors? What did the prophets have to say before and after the people of God traveled the road to exile? What can we learn from the past? And what can we expect for the future of the church in a post-Christian America? It’s likely to be filled with tragedy and triumph.

I look forward to seeing you in worship on Sunday. Please be in prayer for me and each other as we take this journey together through the Aliens & Exiles series. It is my prayer that through it the Spirit will bring into focus the grand story in which we’ve been called to play a part, where Christ and the gospel of the Kingdom takes center stage.

Blessings on your week as you seek to faithfully follow Jesus.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor David

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