Email From the Pastor

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

We concluded our Brick by Brick series this past Sunday in a very moving worship service.

In the final sermon of the series, I summed up the purpose of our series and challenged us to imagine what God wants to do with Grantham Church in the years ahead. Vision is necessary in moving forward with our plan of making disciples who make disciples (Proverbs 29:18).

So, I shared some personal vision that I can see for our church. I invited us to think about what we could do if roughly 40% of our membership that isn’t currently giving started contributing financially on a regular basis. I revealed my desire to hire a full-time associate pastor that could give attention to congregational care and community life needs, and that we hire a woman in that role.

I asked us to imagine what it would look like if we expanded our influence at Messiah College (students & faculty) and in our community. What would it look like to serve our neighbors with no strings attached?

And what if the historic Grantham Church, a strategic church in the Brethren in Christ, became a catalyst for change and a bulwark for our core values? What if we successfully modeled what it looks like to be a “third way” church, where we’re serious about meeting needs and responding to injustice in a non-partisan way? What if we could live up to our potential and inspire others to do the same?

I also asked you to imagine what it would look like if the kingdom was being expanded among us, and then called for us to actualize that vision through our congregation. According to the Scripture, dreams and visions are a part of the kingdom age and they can be received from many men and women in the church (Acts 2:17). I look forward to hearing what you see for Grantham Church. Please share those dreams with me and your church board.

If you missed the final message, you can now listen to the sermon, The Future of Grantham Church (6 of 6). You can find the link to the video, bulletin, small group discussion questions, etc. under Worship Resources. You can also access the visual of the church spaces that I’ve used throughout the sermon series. Check it out!

This Wednesday night is Trunk or Treat, an annual family event in our parking lot. We could still use a few more decorated trunks. If you’d like to participate, please contact Denise Fogelsanger, our Children’s Pastor. Trunk or Treat is a great opportunity to have some good family fun and reach out to our neighbors in the process. Whoever you are, we would still love for you to come out and join us for the festivities.

Finally, this coming Sunday is Reformation Sunday, marking 500 years since the Protestant Reformation. As an Anabaptist church, our beginnings are rooted in the “radical” wing of the 16th century Reformation. Therefore, this Sunday I’ll be sharing a bit about the significance of this event, what we affirm and how we’re different, and then invite us to consider what a new reformation would look like today.

Phyllis Tickle (an American author and lecturer) once pointed out that every 500 years the church goes through a major shift and reformation of sorts. She passed away a couple years ago, but her words have captured the imagination of many pastors and leaders today who believe we’re already starting to see it. I’ll talk about that this Sunday and what I believe this kingdom revolution might look like.

I hope to see you this Sunday in worship. In the meantime, I pray that you live in love just as Christ loves you and gave himself for you.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor David

P.S. If you’ve been at Grantham Church for a few years, you know Dale and Marian Bomberger, long-time members of our congregation. The Bombergers will soon be moving to Ohio to be closer to family. Their final Sunday is November 5. I’d like to encourage you to express your love and gratitude to the Bombergers between now and then. We are thankful that they have given so much to Grantham over the years. We wish them well in their next season of life.

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