Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

We are now in the first week of the Advent season. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for signs of hope. That’s what I encouraged us to do in the first sermon of our series, God is Coming. If you missed the message, Signs of Hope (1 of 4), you can listen/watch at our website or at the Grantham Church Podcast via iTunes.

As I said in the sermon, it’s important that we acknowledge the darkness around us, but it’s also good for us to see how the light is already piercing the darkness in our world. Remember, if we only look at the darkness and focus on what is wrong, we will not be able to live with the hope, peace, joy, and love of Advent. The Lord does not want us to live in darkness. So, this is worth practicing this week.

As I’m sure there are things about yourself, our church, and our world that you believe are not as they should be, it’s helpful for us to put things into perspective by acknowledging the things that are good—the evidence that God is coming. This ought to prompt us to be thankful for his mercy and grace upon us. I hope you will allow the Spirit to minister to you in this way through the Advent season.

This coming Sunday we will be focusing on the Advent theme of peace. We will once again sing songs of the season, light the Advent candle, and hear from persons in our congregation share how God has been at work in their life, as a sign of his coming. I will share with you a message entitled, Signs of Peace. We will also be taking some time in the service to consecrate our deacons for ministry in 2019. I hope you will join us for another robust and meaningful service that both challenges and inspires us to be children of the light.

Finally, if you missed Congregational Council, I wanted to let you know that we voted on and confirmed four new board members for next year: Dan Alonso, Rebekah Basinger, Patti Hess, and Dave Warren as treasurer. Please welcome all of these new members and thank them for their willingness to serve. And join me in thanking Justin Weber for his many years of service on the board! Early next year we plan to dedicate a page of our website to the 2019 Church Board where you will be able to see who all is on the board, including their pictures, their role on the board, and their contact info.

Also, stay tuned for a link to the audio of the Reflections & Vision I shared at council. We will be sure to include the council minutes as well.

Thanks to all those who attended council this year. I was greatly encouraged by the intergenerational turnout. I also appreciated the helpful feedback and comments that were given in response to upcoming changes and ongoing discernment concerning the future. May God continue to bless Grantham Church as we remain humble, hopeful, and believe the best about one another.

Have a great week. See you this Sunday!

Grace & Peace,
Pastor David

P.S.  Interested in hearing an inspiring story of hope by a visiting pastor from Africa? Dr. Sunday Agang lost his pastor and other friends to violence in Nigeria by Muslim extremists, yet he now leads an organization that has brought peace to the region by assisting both Muslim and Christian families. He wrote one of the books recommended for our upcoming January focus, No More Cheeks to Turn? He will be sharing his story at an informal lunch at the church on Tuesday, December 11 at 12 noon. If you are interested in attending, please contact Rich Stuebing (

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