Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

We launched a new series this past Sunday called, Missio Dei—A Worship Series on the Mission of God. I felt the energy in the sanctuary as over 400 of us worshipped together with joyful hearts. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed yet, but your participation in worship often impacts my preaching. I was already bringing a message I was excited about, and then your singing and engagement in worship added fuel to the fire. Thank you!

If you missed the first message of our current series, you can now listen or watch Missional God (1 of 6) at our website, with links to worship resources (e.g. sermon transcript, bulletin, small group discussion questions, etc.). You can also subscribe to the Grantham Church Podcast via iTunes and listen on the go. I want to encourage you to trek with us each week of this series, as each message builds on the other.

Also, please stay plugged in to your sermon-based small group and go further in conversation among friends with what God is saying to you and how he wants you to respond. Remember, we need to “work the spaces” of the church to be properly formed followers of Jesus, and so we can continue growing as a congregation, which includes working the personal space with other disciples. If you’re not a part of a small group, please contact the church office and we will help you find a group that you can grow together with.

In the first message of the series, I explained how Missio Dei fits with our Roots and Brick by Brick series from last year. I gave a brief overview of the series and then guided us through some Old Testament passages that reveal how God is “missional” by his very nature. God is a sending God. And if we’re going to follow God, he will send us out on mission for him. Indeed, he has called us all to go to the people around us in some way or another. We also looked at what the book of Jonah teaches us. Not only do we see that God is a missionary God, when we don’t heed his call, we forfeit his joy and blessings that come with obedience.

This Sunday we will look at the Missional Jesus (2 of 6). I’ll invite us to see that the Father sends us his Son to embody the mission of God. As Eugene Peterson has translated John 1:14, the Word became flesh and “moved into the neighborhood.” In Christ we see the missional God seeking out those who are broken and lost, those who recognize their need to be healed and reconciled to God. Please join us in worship this Sunday as we’re called to follow Jesus and his risky way of crossing borders and boundaries for the sake of those whom God loves.

Finally, don’t forget that the following Sunday (April 29) is Service Sunday. The Service & Outreach Commission has informed me that we still have quite a few opportunities for folks to sign up and serve our community. Have you signed up yet? If you haven’t, you can do so this Wednesday and Sunday. This will help us plan ahead for the projects we have lined up. Furthermore, it would be great to see every family of our church involved in Service Sunday. Please take the time to sign up in the coming week and join your church family in serving our neighbors.

I look forward to seeing you again in worship. May God continue blessing Grantham Church as we seek to embody Christ and share in the building of the Kingdom around us.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor David

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