Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,
Check out the new look to the weekly Email From the Pastor! Thanks to Lisa Mays, our Communications Director, for making it happen. We hope that this fresh format is more helpful and pleasant to the eyes. This weekly communique is the best way for you to stay connected and informed on what we’re doing and where we’re going as a congregation.
We are now four weeks in to our six week sermon series, Missio Dei – A Worship Series on the Mission of God. If you’ve missed any of the messages, remember that you can listen/watch the sermons on our website or via the Grantham Church Podcast via iTunes. This past Sunday we looked at Missional Leaders (4 of 6) and how God wants to raise up pioneers among us. I said that according to Ephesians 4:11-16 everyone has one or more “base” gifts or ministries. What is your base ministry? How is God calling you to serve and lead at Grantham Church?
It’s worth repeating that only Jesus perfectly embodied the fivefold ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. That’s important because it means that we need each other to corporately express Christ in our church and in our surrounding community. And since it’s vital to the health of the church that we have people functioning in all of these roles, it’s necessary, for example, that we stop and ask, “Who are the apostles among us? What are we doing to call them out and empower them?” We might also ask, “Who are the evangelists in our church? What are they doing to help us reach our neighbors? Are we taking them seriously?”
Think about this, church. While all of our voices and gifts are important, it serves us well to recognize who the prophets are among us, and ask, “Are we listening to what God is saying though them?” Once we recognize the giftings each of us have, it allows us to be open to hearing how God is speaking through them to us. If we don’t recognize their gifts, well, it’s easy for us to tell the prophet to keep his voice down, or to tell the evangelists to be content because we like the make-up of our congregation as it is already.
My point is this: God wants to raise up missional leaders who are utilizing their gifts to grow our church. It benefits us to recognize who they are and prayerfully discern how God is working through them for his glory.
As I said in my sermon, each of us have at least one of the base ministries. And I think it’s those who have matured in their giftings that God calls to lead in the church. Will you spend some time thinking about your gifting? It may be time for you to step up and lead in some way. It may also be the case that God wants to grow you in that gifting? Just remember, missional leaders are followers first. They are learning who they are in Christ before they are sent out to do ministry. That means it may be time for some of you to rest and (re)discover your identity in Christ, until it’s time to work again. Whatever it is, follow the Lord’s leading.
I remain hopeful about the future of our church. I believe God wants to multiply the number of folks in our congregation who are a part of our committed core—those who are connected and plugged in to all of the spaces of church life. I’m confident that God is building a solid foundation and setting us on a trajectory for greater things. If you see that too, join me in asking the Spirit to propel us forward on his mission for Grantham Church.
Finally, I’d like to ask that you pray for your church staff. We will be leaving this Sunday afternoon to spend a day-retreat at Christian Retreat Center. We will return on Monday evening. Therefore, the church office will be closed this Monday, May 21. Thank you for your prayers and support as we take some time for personal enrichment and team building.
I hope to see you this Sunday in worship. We will continue our Missio Dei series with a message entitled, Missional Living (5 of 6). I’ll be talking about what it means to have “missional communities” in our church, and what it looks like to be evangelists today in a post-Christian culture. Until we gather again to worship the Lord together, may you live in love toward God and others, just as Christ loved you and gave himself for you.
Grace & Peace,
Pastor David

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