Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

This past Sunday we held our annual Service Sunday at Grantham Church. This practice began a few years ago and we have continued doing it for two reasons: (1) It reminds us all of Christ’s call for the church to serve freely is a sign of the Kingdom that’s coming; (2) It gives us an opportunity to share Christ’s love with our neighbors and surrounding community. This year we had 16 projects and about 150 people participated in one way or another. Thank you to all those who joined us Sunday morning. I suspect that we will keep doing Service Sunday, and I’m hopeful that we will see greater involvement from the congregation as we grow into the future.

If you weren’t able to work outside on Sunday, you have another chance to get your hands dirty. We are having our first Spring Work Day this Saturday, May 5 from 8:00 a.m. – 12 noon. To help our small landscaping crew, we want to dedicate some time to steward what God has given us by cleaning up our church building and property. Don’t want to work outside? There are indoor projects planned as well. For the past several weeks, project information has been available in the lobby with opportunities to sign-up.

After looking at the sign-up sheets, we need more help spreading topsoil/mulch. Also, we still don’t have anyone signed up for cleaning windows or cleaning in the children’s wing, so those projects will likely be cancelled unless a few people volunteer this week. Are you available this Saturday morning? Please contact the church office ( ASAP or sign up in person by this Wednesday evening. Let’s come together and freshen up our facilities for Spring.

Last week I told you that I would be giving you an update on our search for an Associate Pastor. As many of you know, the time it takes to carry out a search process and find the best candidate can vary, and sometimes take longer than anyone of us want. From the beginning, I have been open and honest about our desire to hire a qualified woman to fill this critical role on our pastoral staff. As I said, we want the best candidate, but I’ll add that we also want the right candidate. Therefore, we have been intentional in seeking out a gifted woman that will represent what we value as a congregation on the senior staff level.

Please continue to pray for our search. We are patiently pressing on with interviews and we’re still hopeful that we can have an Associate Pastor in July or August of this year.

Finally, I hope you can join us for worship this Sunday. We pick back up with the third installment of our Missio Dei series. Paul and Melissa Cohen will be leading us in worship. This Sunday I will be preaching a message entitled, The Missional Church (3 of 6). I’ll invite us to consider what we must do to reach more people for Christ. If we’re going to be missional like Jesus, what needs to change? What needs to happen for us to make room at the table for more disciples? I look forward to seeing you in worship. Come with open hearts to what God wants to say to us.

Have a great week! And may God continue to bless Grantham Church in the days ahead.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor David

P.S.  Please mark your calendars for a Special Council meeting on Sunday, June 3 at 6:00 pm in the sanctuary. More details to come about this mid-year congregational council. Stay tuned!

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