Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

Our Missio Dei series is now in the books! If you missed any sermons in the series, you can go back and listen or watch them at our website. You can also listen on the go by subscribing to the Grantham Church Podcast via iTunes. I have been encouraged to see how many of you have been processing the messages, and that you’re asking the question, “Where does God want us to go? Where do I fit in what God wants to do?”

It’s important that we see how God is moving us forward into his good future for Grantham Church. Are you seeing that? Remember, in our Roots series we looked at who we are and what we value as a congregation. In our Brick by Brick series we were first introduced to the “spaces” of the church and we looked at the purpose of the church, as well as our commission to make disciples who make disciples. Our Missio Dei series has taken us further down the road by looking at God’s desire to reach others within our sphere of influence, and by seeking to bring clarity to what it means to be a missional church.

I’m sure there will be another series in the near future that will continue to build on this foundation, but for now, I’ve invited us to be intentional in processing the content we have covered thus far. In the final message of our Missio Dei series, I said that we need the Holy Spirit to propel us forward as a church. I truly believe that with deep prayer, hungry hearts, and a longing for more at Grantham—a holy discontentment—the Spirit will bring about greater things through us. We can be a part of a missional movement and lead out in being a church that reflects the missional Jesus in our broken world.

Please join me in believing that God can do exceedingly more than we could ever ask or imagine in the church (Eph 3:20-21). During the summer months, I’m not planning to begin any lengthy series of messages. Instead, I want to use the weeks ahead to freely move from one thing to the next, as I sense the Spirit leading. This Sunday I’ll be preaching a message entitled, The God Who Meets Our Needs. We will look at how Jesus reveals a God that is not only capabale of meeting our needs, he wants to meet our needs. But we must first see ourselves in need of what he offers us. And then, at the end of my message, I’ll be making a bigannouncement. The search has come to an end, and I can’t wait to introduce you to our new Associate Pastor!

Finally, this Sunday evening we are holding what we have been calling a “Special Council” at 6:30 pm. It may be more fitting to think of it as a mid-year update. We were planning to get some information about the meeting to you ahead of time, but we are not prepared to vote on anything at this point, so it didn’t seem necessary. We apologize for any confusion that previous announcements have caused. This Sunday evening we simply want to report out on how we’re doing as a church (staff, ministries, financial info, etc.), where we’re going in the last half of the year, and give you an opportunity to ask questions.

Also, I’ll be sharing some specifics concerning the “vision” I have for our congregation, as well as some challenges that I believe we can overcome together. I’m excited about sharing these things with you, and I value your feedback and questions as we discern the Spirit’s leading as a church on mission for God. I hope to see you there.

Have a great week! I look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday, as it’s bound to be a meaningful and memorable time together.

Grace & Peace,
Pastor David

P.S.  You have probably noticed that our two front projectors in the sanctuary are fading with time, making it difficult to see our screens. It was especially noticeable this past Sunday in worship. I want you to know that our staff and board have been aware of our sound, video (projection), and lighting needs for a while now, and we’ve been following a process to bring some much-needed updates to our worship technology. Thank you for your patience as we take the necessary steps toward enhancing our Sunday morning worship experience. And thank you for continuing to faithfully give your offerings each week, as it deepens our discipleship and allows us to carry out our mission as a church.

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