Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

This past weekend was a meaningful time for our denomination. As you know, BIC General Assembly 2018 was held at Messiah College. I’ll share a few personal highlights with you.

The biennial assembly began with a pre-assembly Awaken gathering of about 250 people here at Grantham Church. Awaken is a network of women and men who are committed to enriching the church’s imagination for ministry to include and provide opportunities for the women God has called to lead and serve.

We whole-heartedly support this effort at Grantham, so it was an honor getting to host such a large group of people who are committed to furthering the Kingdom by highlighting the impact and the importance of God’s call on women to serve as pastors and leaders within the church. It was good to see many of our own congregants there. And I want to especially thank our kitchen staff and hospitality team for helping make this event a success.

In the first session on Saturday morning, Pastor John Yeatts and I were invited up to the stage to talk with Bishop Ken Hoke about Grantham’s story of transition and transformation, in recent years. It was a joy getting to share what God has been doing at Grantham with all of our pastors, leaders, and delegates. If you weren’t there or haven’t seen it yet, you can watch that here. Our conversation happens about 50 minutes into the session. I hope that you’re all encouraged by what was shared in the time we had to share it.

Oh, and maybe if we ask him nicely, Pastor John will dress up as Gandalf for Trunk or Treat this year!

Another highlight for me was this past Sunday, as we worshipped together and welcomed a few assembly visitors to Grantham. Pastor Dave and the worship team skillfully led us in worship, and I was grateful for the opportunity to share my story into the BIC in a message entitled, The Brethren in Christ Difference. Thanks to those of you who shared in a special time of worship with us on Sunday.

The business of GA 2018 was spread out over the whole weekend. You can read a summary of the decisions here. Please take some time to read over those. Also, remember that all of the plenary sessions were livestreamed and recorded. You can go back and watch any (or all) of those sessions at your convenience. The login password to view the plenary sessions is BIC2018.

Finally, I want to congratulate Grantham’s quizzers for working hard to win fourth place in the BIC quizzing competition over the weekend. Those students are: Noah Bisbee, Andrew Stauffer, Benjamin Wenger, Brant Meier, Kallista Scharf. And thanks to Jill and Jeff Stauffer for the hours they have spent coaching our quizzers, and for helping them learn the Bible in a fun and festive way.

If you’re in town, please join us for worship this Sunday. I’ll be preaching a sermon called, Sabbath, Silence & Solitude. May God bless you and the rest of your week.

Grace & Peace,
Pastor David

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