Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

What does the New Testament tell us about the return of Christ? And what difference does it make for us in the present? That’s what I addressed this past Sunday in a sermon called, Metaphors of Hope: The Second Coming in Christian Imagination. I covered a lot in one message. So, if it helps you, you can go back and listen again, and/or view the sermon slides under Worship Resources.

Remember, if you ever miss a message, the sermons are posted on our website and the Grantham Church Podcast on Monday afternoons.

This coming Sunday I plan to further explain our Christian hope in the resurrection of the dead in a message entitled, Heaven is Not Our Home (And Why That’s a Good Thing). I will seek to dispel popular misconceptions about heaven, which has been furthered through books, movies, hymns, and modern worship. I want to help us see the difference in heaven as a present reality, and in the new heavens and earth (Rev 21), which is yet to come. Because as biblical scholar N.T. Wright has said, our hope isn’t in life after death, but in life after life after death.

Nevertheless, I do want to assure followers of Christ that we can live life without fear of death—for to be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord. Therefore, we can live with peace and joy knowing that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ. I hope you can join us this Sunday as we celebrate life in the here and now, and the hope of life in the hereafter.

It’s a little hard to believe, but we’re about to be in the month of September! That means that fall kickoff is right around the corner.

  • Wednesday, September 5 - start of fall ministries
    • (This includes Eat & Run, Children & Youth, Small Groups, Choir, etc.)
  • Sunday, September 9 - start of fall sermon series - Streams
    • (Learning Communities at 9:00 am & Monthly Taize service at 7:30 pm in sanctuary – every 2nd Sunday)

Our Fall 2018 Ministries brochure will be available this Sunday in mailboxes and Welcome Centers. Pick one up for detailed info about our ministries.

Finally, your staff is very excited about what we believe God wants to do at Grantham this fall. I want to encourage you to prayerfully discern how the Spirit wants you involved in the various “spaces” of the church. Where is he calling you to participate and receive spiritual nourishment? Also, where is he calling you to give and serve? Is he calling you to help with the children or the youth? Is he calling you to join the choir? Maybe he is calling you to get involved in a small group. Whatever he is calling you to do, I invite you to commit to being an active member of your church family.

May God continue to bless Grantham Church as we keep Jesus at the center of our lives and the heart of our mission.

Grace & Peace,
Pastor David

P.S. You may have noticed in the bulletin that our giving is up significantly from last year. It’s obvious that people are giving more, and that more people are giving. Thank you! It is important to note that while we do experience spikes and valleys through 52 weeks of the year, if we continue on the current trend, we will not only meet our needs, but we could possibly have a surplus going into 2019. This is very exciting! Thank you for your generosity and your invested interest in furthering the Kingdom through the life and ministries of Grantham Church. God is at clearly at work in our congregation, as is most evident in recent additions to our church staff, the multiplication of our small groups, and 11 baptisms in the creek. Thank you for all you do to help us move forward as a congregation!

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