Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,
We have successfully launched our Fall 2018 Ministries at Grantham Church!
We began our new Streams sermon series this past Sunday. If you missed the first installment, you can listen to One Church, Many Expressions at our website or podcast. Remember, the sermon and other worship resources (including small group discussion questions) are posted online every Monday afternoon. I encourage you to stay connected and engaged through the entire series. If you haven’t joined a sermon-based small group, but you’d like to do so, please contact Pastor Kelly (
Jesus prayed that his church would be one, so why are there so many denominations today? In the intro to our six-week series, I invited us to see how there have been multiple expressions of the church since the very beginning. It’s good for us to see how God uses our differences to further the gospel of Christ. And before we reflect on our own distinctives in this series, I wanted us to see where we fit in the larger church, and how we should view other Christians who don’t believe, worship, and live the way we do—lest we become arrogant or sectarian in the way we live out our faith.
This coming Sunday we will begin surveying our historic streams by first looking at Anabaptism. As I will say in the sermon, this first stream really sets us apart from most denominations in America. This is where we receive our peace heritage and Jesus’ command to love our enemies and live non-violently in the world. So, we will start with a little history, examine the words of Jesus, and think about what it means to love like Jesus and live peacefully toward our neighbors and enemies today. And then Pastor Kelly will come up and give us some practical ways we can embody the message in the week ahead.
Once again, I’d like to remind you to take your Fall 2018 Ministries brochure and pray over the ministries and the people involved. You can do that individually, as a family, in your small group, etc. I believe that God wants us to partner with him in what he wants to do this fall by being intentional in prayer. Let’s ask the Spirit to move among us in powerful ways, to provide for our needs as a church, and to further the Kingdom of God through us, so that we can deepen our discipleship and reach others with the gospel of Christ.
Finally, our Discover Grantham Church class starts on Sunday, September 30. If you’re interested in learning more about Grantham, becoming a member, and/or being baptized, please contact the church office ( Also, please pray for all those who will be taking the class. We will be receiving new members and presenting them to you later this fall.
May God continue to bless Grantham Church, as we remain humble, teachable, and ready for whatever comes our way. Stay hungry, my friends.
Grace & Peace,
Pastor David

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