Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,
How is it going this week with praying for your enemies? If you missed the message on Sunday, we continued with our fall sermon series, Streams: Embodying the Beliefs & Practices of the Brethren in Christ.

This past Sunday we looked at our first stream in a sermon entitled, Anabaptism: The Way of Peace (2 of 6). I challenged us to embody the way of peace set forth in the teachings of Jesus by praying for our enemies. I hope that you’ve been intentional with “walking it out” this week. As Pastor Kelly said, let us know what that experience has been like for you. What is God showing you?
Our Streams series continues this Sunday with a look at our next historic stream, Pietism: The Way of Renewal. Just as we did last week, I’ll begin by defining and briefly sharing some history of pietism, particularly as it led to the birth of our denomination. What is pietism? How does it fit with Anabaptism?

Also, we will look at how Christ and the Scriptures reveal that our faith should be full of life-changing experiences with God—experiences that lead to spiritual fruit in our lives. We will see how true piety is born of the Holy Spirit, and how this empowers us to experience real, meaningful change.
Furthermore, I’ll share how we’re designed to live out of both sides of our brain. The left side of our brain is for analytical thinking, logic, law, mathematical equations, etc. It’s a much-needed part of us, for sure. But sometimes we tend to neglect (or even suppress) the right side of the brain that God made for creativity, imagination, spontaneity, beholding beauty, and for expressing our feelings. This is what we’re describing today when we talk about expressing our “heart” in life and worship.
So, this Sunday I’ll help us to see how we’re unable to fully worship God and have a living relationship with Jesus when we’re only operating out of one side of who we are. Even now, I’d like to encourage you to begin preparing your heart and mind for worship this weekend, as we consider how God is calling Grantham Church to fully embrace pietism in what has increasingly become a left-brained society and culture.
Finally, it’s not too late to join a sermon-based small group for this fall season. As I’ve said before, we want to be intentional with our small groups at Grantham. In time, I hope that we will see the majority of our congregation engaged in a “personal space” where we can discuss what is being taught from the pulpit, hear God’s voice together, apply what’s being learned, and openly share life with one another in close-knit community.

Please contact the office if you’re interested in joining a group this fall. Thank you for working all of the spaces as we seek to be fully-formed disciples of Jesus.
See you this Sunday!
Grace & Peace,
Pastor David
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