Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends! We are coming back from Texas today, so please pray for my family as we travel.

This Sunday we are kicking off our January (Peace & Social Justice) series called, Peacemakers: Living Peacefully in an Age of Outrage.

Here is a summary of the series focus:

“We are living in tumultuous times in America. From political campaigns to nightly news, from social media to the dinner table, we are experiencing great division, strife, and polarization in our culture. And unfortunately, the church is often lured in to the fear-mongering, name-calling, and violent rhetoric that is typical of those who haven’t encountered the good news or who don’t know the love and grace of Christ. We can do better and we must, for Jesus calls his followers to be peacemakers and ministers of reconciliation. But is that even possible? And if so, what does it look like for disciples to disarm and deescalate the hostile world around us by pursuing peace? In our 2019 Peace & Social Justice series, we will turn our attention to how we can follow Jesus and live peacefully in an age of outrage.”


And here is the sermon series lineup for the month:

  • Sun, Jan 6 – David Flowers “Beyond Sticks & Stones: The Power of Words”
    Learning Community: Eric Seibert – Finding Alternatives to Violence
    * Communion in the worship service.

  • Sun, Jan 13 – Dave Brubaker “Dealing with Difference in the Body of Christ”
    Learning Community: Dave Brubaker – Being Hard on Issues, But Soft on People

  • Sun, Jan 20 – Osheta Moore “We Will Tell Better Stories”
    Learning Community: Osheta Moore – Not Your Typical Peacemaker

  • Sun, Jan 27 Peace Sunday – Shane Claiborne “Blessed are the Peacemakers: Reimagining the Church as Ministers of Reconciliation”
    Learning Community: Shane’s Story – From Evangelical Fundamentalist to Neo-Anabaptist Activist
    * Lunch and Q & A with Shane after the service in the fellowship hall. All are welcome to attend.

Please join us each Sunday at 9:00 am for a combined Learning Community in C8-12. As you can see, this series will focus on the day-to-day struggles we face in being peacemakers. It doesn’t get more relevant or practical than what we will hear in this timely series. I want to encourage you to start the year off right by devoting yourself to following Jesus as peacemaker.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday. 2019 is going to be a great year at Grantham Church!

Grace & Peace,
Pastor David

P.S. Good news! We have filled two job positions that opened up at the end of 2018. I wanted to let you know that Jill Stauffer has officially gone from being a part-time Pastoral Assistant to being our full-time Office Manager. Also, Ed Mays has accepted the role of part-time Head Custodian at Grantham Church. Please congratulate them and show your support for Jill and Ed in these new roles.

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