Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I hope you've been benefiting from our current sermon series, Spiritual and Religious. We have now crossed the mid-way point with the message, Gracious Orthodoxy (4 of 7). In the latest installment, I shared about the birth of the Christian religion, our unity in a common creed (The Apostles' Creed), and why we need to be graciously uncompromising in the historic beliefs of Christianity.

I concluded the message with a reference to Rich Mullins' song, Creed. Check out this video of his song, which begins with a glimpse into Rich's heart for Christ. You can also listen to this tribute to Rich's song by Third Day. I'm starting to think I should put together a playlist for this series. What do you think?

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak in chapel to about 1,000 college students. I delivered a 25 minute summation of the Spiritual and Religious series that was well-received. Pastor Dave Perry led us in worship before the sermon. And of course, Doug Curry introduced us! Also, it was encouraging to have a group of students who attend Grantham come up to me after it was over. It was a special day.

This Sunday we will look at The Power of Christian Liturgy (5 of 7). I will define "liturgy" and talk about what it accomplishes. I'll be inviting us to consider the importance of rituals, symbols, art, icons, etc., particularly in worship. I'll also respond to common objections to these things. And then toward the end of the message, I will specifically address how we're practicing communion at Grantham, before we partake of the Lord's Table together.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Until then, may you be aware of the indwelling Christ and the Spirit's presence. And may God bless you so that you can be a blessing to others. Stay humble and holy, church.

Grace & Peace,
Pastor David

P.S. Don't forget! To celebrate All Saints Day this year, we invite you to submit photos of “saints” in your life that have passed on. This can include photos of deceased friends, family members, or mentors that have been influential to your faith. The photos will be displayed on our sanctuary walls on October 27 and November 3 to represent the “great cloud of witnesses” (Heb. 12:1). Please submit digital copies of photos to, or hard copies to Pastor David Perry’s church mailbox. Deadline to receive submissions is Sunday, October 20.

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