Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

It was exciting to see a slight bump in worship attendance this past Sunday. Our learning communities are going strong and folks aren’t letting the colder weather keep them from gathering with the Body of Christ for corporate worship. It’s a wonderful thing when we don’t want to miss gathering regularly because of what God is doing in our church. Every Sunday carries with it a special blessing as we stay committed to Christ and to one another. I believe we’re seeing Spirit-generated momentum building in 2019. Let’s continue to be alert and active in the faith as we imagine greater things together.

If you missed the sermon, or you’d like to listen again and/or share it, this past Sunday I delivered a message called, Dealing with Anger. It’s a topic that touches us all in one way or another. I hope you were challenged and encouraged by the preaching of Numbers 20:1-13, and by the personal stories I shared. As I said in the message, it’s important to be intentional in dealing with anger. For some, it may mean that you begin by talking to a trusted family member, friend, or a pastor. For others, it may mean reading some books on the topic and/or seeking professional counseling. Whatever God would have you do, remember that his Spirit is there to guide you in getting the help and healing that you need. Let’s walk with God and each other, church. That’s how we grow!

This coming Sunday I will be addressing an even more difficult topic, as I share a message entitled, Dealing with Depression. Not only is this topic relevant for our congregation, it has been an issue that the broader church has unfortunately neglected or mishandled too often in the past. Please pray for me as I prepare to share how the Bible speaks to the issue, where recent psychological studies/practices can help, and offer suggestions on what to do if you’re depressed or you’re walking with someone who is. Despite the heavy nature of the topic, I do believe the service will be uplifting and empowering. I hope you’ll come prepared to receive a blessing, and also ready to be a blessing to others.

Finally, I’m happy to report that the Peace Sunday Offering closed at a total of $7,942.14. Thank you for giving with all of your heart! It is obvious that you benefited from our Peacemakers series last month, and that you care deeply about the three projects we gave to this year. May we continue to faithfully give of our time, talents, and treasure (money), as we join with the Spirit in making disciples and expanding the Kingdom here at Grantham Church and beyond.

To God be the glory for the great things he has done and is doing in our church family.

Grace & Peace,
Pastor David

P.S.  Two more quick things: (1) The Church Board is taking a mini retreat this Saturday morning, so please pray for all of us as we meet and discern how God is leading this year; and (2) the Eat & Run Exploratory Conversation last Thursday night went very well. I believe we all caught a glimpse of where God might be moving us with a community meal in the near future. Our next meeting to continue the conversation will be held on Thursday, February 28 at 6:30 in C8-12.

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