Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

Spring is edging its way in slowly, but the flu is still making its rounds, which is why I’m writing on Pastor David’s behalf this week. I’m sure Pastor David and his family would appreciate your prayers as he recovers from the flu and his boys recover from Strep Throat and a viral illness. 

This past Sunday, Pastor David’s sermon, Be A Hen in the Fox’s Den, challenged us to cultivate courage in the face of opposition. Jesus didn’t shy away from confrontation, but instead held steadfast to his mission. Pastor David also reminded us that courage isn’t the absence of fear, but the willingness to hold steadfast to our values and mission despite reasonable fear. 

Jesus’ mission was rooted in the great longing love of God, which Jesus likened to that of a mother hen seeking to protect her chicks. This Sunday, as Pastor David spoke, I couldn’t help but remember those killed in last week’s devastating terrorist attack in a New Zealand mosque. I heard on the radio yesterday, the story of just one couple caught in the attack – a woman whose husband was wheelchair bound. When she saw the gunman turn toward her husband, she threw herself across him – in an act of great love and courage – and absorbed with her own body, the bullet meant for her beloved.  Her husband survived, she did not.

This is the kind of courage Jesus showed – the courage to lay down his life for those willing to be gathered to him. This is the kind of love we are called to show in each moment, large or small.

This Sunday, Pastor John Yeatts will be talking on the topics of Repentance and Confession, using Luke 18:10-14.  I look forward to this fitting follow up – as repentance and confession are key to our willingness to be gathered into the love of God.

This Sunday, our children will help us collect our annual My Coins Count Offering which will go toward supporting MCC through the PA Relief Sale. Be sure to bring your spare change to give to this important work. Some of our fourth and fifth grade students will be journeying to the auction with Pastor Denise on April 6 to deliver our coins and help count the offering.

I hope to see you on Sunday!

With Love and Joy,
Pastor Kelly

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