Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Sex, marriage, and singleness. That’s what I addressed this past Sunday in a message entitled, Redeeming Sex (2 of 3). It was a lengthy message, but it was necessary in order for me to adequately cover the topic in a wholistic way. If you missed the sermon, I talked about what a major problem internet pornography is today, and shared how porn affects the brain and human development. I tied that in with what the Bible means by “one flesh” unions (Gen 2:24), and why God created sex to be enjoyed within a covenant relationship (i.e. marriage). I also pushed back a bit on culture’s mockery of “biblical” marriage.

Additionally, I showed how Jesus presents us with two options for expressing our sexuality: monogamous marriage or singleness. I closed by encouraging our congregation to see singleness being equal to marriage as a Kingdom calling, and to make celibacy more plausible in the church by not idolizing marriage and our own families. Instead, we must defy the loneliness that threatens all people by learning what it means for the church to be family, whereby we include others who long for connection and intimacy. We don’t need sex to be fulfilled or to experience real human connection. To claim that sex is a right for everyone, is to make sexual fulfillment an idol. As we’ve said in this series, only God can meet our deepest longings for connection. May we all come to experience this reality in the life of the church.

Next up is Redeeming Power. This coming Sunday we will conclude our series by addressing the idol of power and taking communion. Power is about getting things done. Particularly, it’s how we get things done or bring about a certain outcome. This Sunday we will look at how the world wields power versus what power looks like according to Christ, the cross, and the Kingdom of God. I will challenge us to denounce ways that the church often seeks to wield power as the world does in order to get our way. We will see how one way brings disaster and the other way leads to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Also, don’t forget that this Sunday we are starting up our two adult Learning Communities at 9:00 am. The Philatheans class will be studying the topic, Faith at Work in Christ’s Family. The second adult class will be looking at, Paul’s Letters to Timothy & Titus: Finding a Third Way Among Contemporary Issues. For more information, you will find our summer ministries flyer in mailboxes and at the welcome centers this Sunday morning. I want to encourage you, whether it’s a learning community or a small group, let’s stay connected as a family this summer.

Finally, this Sunday we will be offering up an opportunity to do that. Please see the announcement for the Brown Bag Lunch in the Body Life below for more details! Let’s join with old friends and new friends for this time of fellowship together. I look forward to seeing you there.

Grace & Peace,
Pastor David

P.S. Just a reminder about the Giving at Grantham flyer that Dave Warren (church treasurer) mentioned two weeks ago. As you prepare for the joys and opportunities that summer brings, stop for a moment and think of how you might deepen your involvement in our shared ministry by increasing your support of Grantham. There are several ways you can give to Grantham and help us continue to impact lives in and outside our church. Would you consider starting, or deepening, your support at this time? If so, please contact the church office and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you for all that you do to help move our congregation forward into God’s good future!

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