Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

We’re now half-way through our Knowing Jesus series. If you’ve been out and about on vacation, I hope that you’re able to stay caught up with where we’ve been in this series that goes to the very heart of our faith. This past Sunday I talked about the paradoxical nature of Jesus being both Lord and friend. You can listen to Making Jesus Your Lord & Friend (3 of 6) at our website or at our podcast.

This coming Sunday Pastor Kelly will preach on Abiding in the Person of Jesus (4 of 6). In preparation for that message, Pastor Kelly invites you to listen to a brief reflection (12 minutes) on John 15:1-8, which will be the focal text for Sunday’s sermon. This meditation is made available through the online resource that I mentioned two weeks ago – Pray As You Go.  Each meditation includes a song, a Scripture reading, and a few reflection questions. You can access the mediation by clicking here: Pray As You Go, Abide in Me. Check it out! And consider getting the app on your smart phone or other mobile device.

Also, I’d like to remind you about our bookshelf next to the church mailboxes in the lobby. This shelf is an extension of our church library. We’re blessed to have such a large library with our very own librarian, Edie Asbury. As you may know, we display many books and resources there that are related to previous sermon series and current ones. We have now set up a shelf for our Knowing Jesus series where you can find suggested reading for deeper study and help with your spiritual formation. You can check out a book to take home or just browse the books and purchase your own copy online.

Finally, I’d like to leave you with some encouraging words from the Apostle Peter who said this about our relationship to Jesus: “You love him even though you have never seen him. Though you do not see him now, you trust him; and you rejoice with a glorious, inexpressible joy. The reward for trusting him will be the salvation of your souls” (1 Peter 1:8-9). May we continue to deepen our trust in this Jesus we’ve not seen with our eyes but that we’re experiencing by his Spirit, that he would be our source of life, strength, and hope that God will complete the work he began in us when we first believed. Amen.

Grace & Peace,
Pastor David

P.S.  We were saddened to hear about the recent passing of Emory Shughart. There will be a time of visitation with the family at 1:00, followed by a memorial service at 2 PM on Saturday, August 3rd at Ronan Funeral Home in Carlisle, PA. All are welcome to attend a meal to be held at the Boiling Springs Fire Hall following the Memorial Service. If you wish to express a condolence online, please visit

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