Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

There are moments in the life of the church when the Holy Spirit is clearly at work among us. This past Sunday was one of those times. After concluding our Knowing Jesus series with the message, An Invitation to Follow Jesus (6 of 6), I invited folks to pray at the altars and I stood in front of the communion table to receive anyone who wanted to follow Jesus. People came forward to pray before I had even finished speaking. Shortly after, a young lady named Eunice came down and accepted Christ for the first time. I was grateful for those of you that gathered around and joined in on her conversion.

The presence of the Lord was so strong that I saw several people left standing in holy awe after the benediction. Following the service, our worship continued as we baptized 7 people in the Yellow Breeches. I must say that I have never witnessed a scene quiet like it. Several of the women who were baptized came up out of the water and quickly began sobbing as the goodness of the Lord overwhelmed them. We closed our time by singing the Doxology and thanking God for what he had done. It was an experience that extended beyond us to other onlookers, kayakers, and tubers enjoying the afternoon.

So, how is God speaking to you through these things? How is he calling you to join in on the Spirit’s work at Grantham Church? Please don’t miss an opportunity to get in on the inside of what God is doing. When the wind is blowing, pull up your anchor and throw open your sails! Be vigilant. Stay hungry. And keep your hearts open to the Spirit who often surprises us with his presence.

Finally, a reminder that this Sunday is our Summer Celebration Service. We will be recognizing those who were baptized, hearing testimonies from folks in our congregation, and singing praises to God for the great things he has done so far this year.

You will also find the Fall 2019 Ministries brochure in your mailboxes and at the welcome centers. Fall kick off is on Sunday, September 8. Take a look at the brochure and prayerfully consider how the Spirit is leading you to engage in the coming months. Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as we share more about what to expect this fall.

May God continue to bless Grantham Church as we seek to make disciples who have a passion for knowing Jesus and making him known.

Grace & Peace,
Pastor David

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