Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

Yes, I rebuked Pennsylvania pollen in our Easter service on Sunday, but please know that I think the spring sounds and colors in PA are magnificent! If you’re able, find some time to get outside and enjoy it. Praise the Lord for his beautiful creation… and Allegra D. 

If you missed Easter Sunday, or you’d like to share the message with others, you can now listen to Because He Lives at our website or via our podcast on iTunes. The audio for our Good Fridayservice is now available as well. We will also have a few DVDs available in the library if you’d like to watch the entire Easter service. Our worship of the resurrected Christ on Sunday was very meaningful and you could sense the Holy Spirit at work in the sanctuary. I was blessed getting to experience Easter with you and say those first words I said to you over a year ago, “He is risen!” And you said, “He is risen indeed!”

There are a few important events coming in the next couple of weeks that I hope you will be participate in with the church. This Sunday I will be preaching on the need for all members to function in the Body of Christ. I will invite us to think about the need for pastoral leaders who equip, but more specifically at how the work of the church can’t happen without volunteers. Furthermore, we will look at how we work together to be a faithful presence of Jesus in our community. We don’t exist for ourselves, but we’re called to serve our neighbors. What does the Jesus way of service look like? I hope you’ll join us for worship on Sunday.

Following the worship service, we want to recognize all of those who serve as volunteers at Grantham Church. Everyone is invited to join us for a Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon in the fellowship hall. The meal is being catered and the staff will be serving you. We will have a short program after the meal so that staff members can thank all of those who are helping in the work of ministry. Please join us for delicious BBQ and satisfying fellowship as we express our gratitude for each other and all that God is doing in our congregation.

Have you signed up for Service Sunday on April 30? I’ve been told that we still need quite a few volunteers to sign up for various community projects. If you’re new to Grantham Church, on Service Sunday we meet in the sanctuary at 9:00 a.m. for a couple of songs, prayer, and commissioning of volunteers who then go out and serve our neighbors for the day. There will be no worship service on this Sunday. Therefore, you are encouraged to find time to rest on another day of the week/weekend.

What? No service? That’s correct. This is an annual event where we have an opportunity to work alongside our church family and serve those around us in need. We want to use this day to worship through our service to others. Let’s show our community how much we love and care for them!

Please call the office to sign up, or you can sign up at the gift card table in church lobby by the mailboxes. You can also contact Rich Stuebing for more info: rwstuebing@gmail.com

Finally, I wanted to let you know that Glen & Linda Pierce will be sharing about their recent trip to Zimbabwe this Wednesday, April 19 (tomorrow) at 6:00 p.m. in A1. Also, Pastor John and Amy Yeatts will be sharing about their trip to Zambia the following Wednesday night, April 26 at 6:00 p.m. You’re invited to come hear their stories and show your support of their ministries.

I look forward to being with you again in worship this Sunday. Until then, please be in prayer for each other. May God continue to bless Grantham Church.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor David

P.S. Next week I will be sharing a few details about Jesus Heals, our new sermon series for the month of May. Stay tuned!

* This post was first sent as an email to all church members. If you would like to receive the weekly email from the pastor, please let us know at office@granthamchurch.org

Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

What a beautiful day! I hope you’re able to take a walk outside or crack open a window so you can enjoy the Spring weather.

We concluded our Roots series Sunday with a message entitled, Relying on God (10 of 10). If you missed any of the messages in the series, or if you’d like to share the series with friends or family who want to learn more about the Brethren in Christ, you can access all of the sermons here at our website or via our podcast on iTunes.

I thoroughly enjoyed digging into the history of the BIC and reading/hearing lots of stories as I prepared the sermon each week. Thank you to all those who passed on encouraging words over the last 10 weeks. Preaching through the values that many of you have held dear for years kept me on my toes each Sunday. I hope it was refreshing, challenging, and energizing to everyone.

This week is Holy Week in the church. Here are our upcoming events:

Final Lenten Taize Service
Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.
* Please remember that there will be no Eat & Run this Wednesday night!

Maundy Thursday
Fellowship Meal at 5:30 p.m.
Footwashing at 6:00 p.m.
Communion Service at 6:30 p.m.

Good Friday
Worship Service at 6:30 p.m.

Easter Sunday
“Because He Lives”
Worship Service at 10:30 a.m.

As you all know, Holy Week is a special time of year in the life of the church. Looking at the upcoming events, I know it may seem like a lot to work in your busy schedule. But I do believe that in order for us to fully experience the transformative power of Easter, it’s necessary that we engage the liturgy and take advantage of the opportunity to focus on these key moments in the Passion story. If you’re in town this weekend, I hope that you will make your best effort to join us for each of these worship services. You will be glad that you did.

If you’ve been a part of Grantham Church for any length of time, you know that Maundy Thursday has a long tradition among us. We will share in a simple meal, participate in the washing of feet as a sign of our love and service to one another, and then take communion together in the sanctuary.

This year we are having a Good Friday service that I’d like to see become an annual event. I believe it is critical that we have a service that solely looks at the death of Jesus and the meaning of the cross, before celebrating his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

So, for our Good Friday service I will be sharing a short sermon where we consider what the cross is really all about. Why did Jesus die? What does it say about God? And what does it say about us? It’s important to feel the sorrow and offensiveness of the cross, but we also want to share in the beauty of it as we go below the surface appearance to the depths of God’s cruciformed love.

And finally, on Easter Sunday we will be celebrating the resurrection of Christ through meaningful worship and a sermon called Because He Lives.

Please invite your friends and family to join us on Easter Sunday. Did Jesus physically rise from the dead? We will briefly look at how the best evidence points in that direction, and then I will address why it matters for us today. Join us on Sunday for worship at 10:30 a.m.

I hope to see you this Wednesday for our final Lenten Taize service. I want to thank Gretta Owen for organizing our Taize services again this year. These services of prayerful reflection really help us to stop and be still, which is an increasing challenge in our world today. If you haven’t attended one yet, I want to encourage you to join us tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m.

May the Spirit go with us this week as we journey with Jesus through the last days and hours of his life.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor David

P.S. Please don’t forget that you can sign up for Service Sunday in the church office. Project teams are being formed for our annual service day on Sunday, April 30. We still have quite a few spots to fill, so if you’re able to get out and serve in our community for a few hours that day, please let us know ASAP. Contact the church office by phone or email if you have questions.

* This post was first sent as an email to all church members. If you would like to receive the weekly email from the pastor, please let us know at office@granthamchurch.org