Email From the Pastor

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

As you saw on Sunday, we have so much to be thankful for at Grantham Church. We recognized a total of 9 transfers and welcomed 20 new members in our last worship service! That same evening, we shared a church-wide Thanksgiving meal and heard uplifting testimonies from about a dozen people. I was so encouraged to see that we had over half our congregation present for a time of reflection and fellowship.

If you missed the sermon on Sunday, I shared a message entitled, Giving as a Spiritual Discipline. I addressed some common reasons why people are often averse to talking about money in the church, and then went on to show how Jesus and the New Testament has much to say about it. I concluded with 5 principles for giving in the New Testament, and then challenged us to talk with God about giving to the church. Overall, I wanted us to think about giving in terms of discipleship and an expression of our worship. I asked you, “Does your giving communicate your trust in God and your belief in what he’s doing at Grantham Church?” 

As I’ve said before, we’re at a good place at Grantham, but we want to grow and do more as a church (see the Vision 2018summary). In order for us to expand our influence in the community, we would benefit greatly by an increase in regular giving from those who faithfully worship with us. This looks like one of two things: (1) if you have the means, consider increasing your regular tithe; (2) begin tithing any amount on a regular (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly) basis. How is God speaking to you about investing your resources at Grantham?  Will you show your support of our wonderful ministries and your belief in the aspirations of our congregation?

If you are new, or been a long-time member of our church, you may not be aware of all the ways you can give. Here are multiple giving options:

  1. Cash or Check in Offering Plate on Sunday morning
  2. Cash or Check in Depository Door (behind church office door)
  3. Personalized Offering Envelopes (contact Jill Stauffer)
  4. Online Bank Bill Pay (using bank bill pay feature to “push” money to the church)
  5. Online Giving through Church Website (use church giving system to “pull” money from account/credit card)
    1. One-time gift
    2. Recurring gifts
    3. Designated gifts based on offering envelopes PLUS gift card purchases
  6. Text To Give (coming soon!)
  7. Donor-Advised Fund
  8. Qualified Charitable Distribution from IRA
  9. Stock, Bonds, or Mutual Funds

If you have questions about any of these giving options, please contact our Church Administrator, Dan Bisbee. Thank you for prayerfully considering how God wants you to contribute to the mission and vision of your church family in the coming year. May we be willing to sow generously in order that we might reap a bountiful harvest of God’s Kingdom blessings.

Finally, this Sunday I’ll be preaching a message called, It’s a Woman’s World Too: A Christ-Centered Case for Women in Ministry

The gospels reveal that Jesus emancipated first-century women from second-class citizenship in God’s Kingdom story. For Jesus, his radical inclusion of women was in keeping with his overarching ministry to defeat Satan and heal the destructive consequences of the fall. So why have so many in the church failed to accept women as equals? And what about those restrictive verses in Paul’s letters? Did the Apostle Paul believe and teach in accordance with Jesus? Join us this Sunday for another meaningful time of congregational worship as I invite us all to affirm and celebrate our church’s long acceptance of women in ministry.

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends. See you on Sunday!

Grace & Peace,

Pastor David

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