Overcoming Cynicism

Sermon Title: Overcoming Cynicism
Scripture Reading: Rom 15:13; Eph 3:10-11; 1 Cor 13:1-7, 12-13

The Scriptures tell us that the Spirit of God is at work bringing about God's eternal purpose. And because of the resurrection of Jesus we are called to be people of hope. But there is much about our world that can lead us into cynical despair. What can we do to combat this spirit of the age?

In Overcoming Cynicism, Pastor David address the threat of cynicism that is at work within the church today. God has called us in Christ to be hopeful realists. In this message Pastor David shares about his own struggles with cynicism and his journey out of it to embrace hopeful realism. If you're a cynic-saint, know that you're not alone and that with God's strength you can overcome cynicism.

Listen to David and view the slides here.

July 24th bulletin