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Inherent Worth: Rediscovering the Image of God in Everyone


Our Christian faith tells us that every person on the planet has inherent worth because they are made in the image of God. Yet, as we look around the world today, we see that many people, particularly the most vulnerable among us, are being abused and exploited. We’ve talked as a church about the problem of racism, but what about other evils like human trafficking, pornography, domestic violence, and treating women as second-class citizens? These are serious issues and we want to learn about what our congregation can do to address these concerns at a local level. In our January peace series, Inherent Worth, we're asking, “What difference can we make in helping our church and community rediscover the image of God in everyone?”

Guest Speaker: Becky McDonald
Sermon Title: God’s Plan for Social Justice
Scripture Reading: Micah 6:8

There are an estimated 20.9 million people trapped in some form of slavery today. Over half of those trafficked around the world are women or girls. It’s a multi-billion-dollar industry that is now on the rise in the United States. Listen as Becky McDonald (founder and president of Women At Risk, International) passionately invites the church to respond to the injustice and join the fight against human trafficking, in a message entitled God's Plan for Social Justice.

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