Peacemakers (2 of 4)

Guest Speaker: Dave Brubaker
Sermon Title: Dealing with Difference in the Body of Christ
Scripture Reading: Acts 15:1-35

Every church will have disagreements. How do we deal with difference in the Body of Christ? Acts 15 gives us four helpful guidelines for doing so. First, move towards disagreement rather than away from it. Second, give plenty of time to hear each other’s stories. Third, consult with each other and with Scripture before deciding. Finally, make a decision that respects the dignity of all involved as children of God. Listen as Dave Brubaker (EMU) shares his insights based on years of experience helping churches and organizations find peace amid conflicts.

Worship Resources:
sermon video (mp4)
January 13 bulletin
”Being Hard on Issues But Soft on People” (Learning Community Presentation)
small group discussion questions