Money, Sex & Power (1 of 3)

Sermon Series: Money, Sex & Power
Sermon Title: Redeeming Money
Scripture Reading: Exodus 20:3; Ecclesiastes 5:10; Matthew 6:24; 19:16-30; 1 Timothy 6:6-19

Money, Sex & Power.jpeg

Idolatry is the sin from which all other sins come about in our lives. But unfortunately, many people don't recognize what an idol looks like today and so they don't know how to let go of it in order to receive what only God can give us. Money, sex, and power are three of God's greatest gifts that too often become idols of the heart. In Redeeming Money (1 of 3), Pastor David challenges us to consider whether money is an idol of our heart, and then he invites us to get our life from Christ alone.

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