brethren in christ

The Brethren in Christ Difference

Sermon Title: The Brethren in Christ Difference
Scripture Reading: 1 John 2:1-6; Romans 12:1-2; Matthew 5-7


Grantham Church is a historic Brethren in Christ (BIC) congregation. We believe that our heritage and core values uniquely position us to be the difference the world needs to see in the church today. Listen as Pastor David details his own journey into the BIC and why he believes God wants to use our church and our denomination to help Christians in America discover a Jesus-looking God who calls forth a Jesus-looking church, for such a time as this.

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Roots (1 of 10)

Sermon Series: Roots: Exploring the Core Values of the Brethren in Christ
Sermon Title: Experiencing God’s Love & Grace (1 of 10)
Scripture Reading: Colossians 2:6-7; Ephesians 2:8-10; John 3:3

Experiencing the love and grace of God is the foundation for all that the Brethren in Christ (BIC) hold dear. Everything that we value begins and ends there. Our faith can’t simply be an exercise of the mind. It must also be about heart-change and life transformation that comes from knowing the living Christ. 

In Experiencing God’s Love & Grace (1 of 10), Pastor David shares what it means to really know God and be changed.

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