Jesus Had a Small Group

Sermon Title: Jesus Had a Small Group
Scripture Reading: Matthew 13:36; Luke 6:12-13; Acts 2:42-47

Jesus Had a Small Group.jpg

According to the New Testament, the church is more than Christians gathering for a public worship service. In fact, there are several other "spaces" that are necessary for discipleship and being a church on mission. And while all the spaces in the church are important, personal space is especially conducive to disciple-making. In Jesus Had a Small Group, Pastor David invites us to reflect on the model that Jesus set forth in the early church.

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Roots (5 of 10)

Sermon Series: Roots: Exploring the Core Values of the Brethren in Christ
Sermon Title: Belonging to the Community of Faith (5 of 10)
Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 13; Matthew 18:15-20; Ephesians 4:1-16

As followers of Jesus, relationships must come before everything else. Being a healthy church is hard work, but the Holy Spirit makes it possible in our love for one another. God wants to display his wisdom to the world by empowering us through his Spirit to be the holy people of God.

In Belonging to the Community of Faith (5 of 10), Pastor David calls us to be the church for a world that needs to see Christ.

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