Missio Dei (2 of 6)

Sermon Series: Missio Dei - A Worship Series on the Mission of God
Sermon Title:  Missional Jesus (2 of 6)
Scripture Reading: Luke 4:14-30; Matthew 8:5-13; 9:9-13 

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Jesus is the Son sent by the Father. The divine Logos (Word) became flesh and moved into the neighborhood. In Christ we see the missional God seeking out those who are broken and lost, those who recognize their need to be healed and reconciled to God. In Missional Jesus (2 of 6), Pastor David invites us to recommit ourselves to Jesus and his risky way of crossing borders and boundaries.

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Roots (7 of 10)

Sermon Series: Roots: Exploring the Core Values of the Brethren in Christ
Sermon Title: Serving Compassionately (7 of 10)
Scripture Reading: Mark 10:42-45; Matthew 9:35-38; Philippians 2:5-8

Jesus didn’t come to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. He said that the first must be last, and that the greatest must become a servant of all. We value serving others because Jesus looked on people with great compassion and met them at their point of need. What does that look like for us?

In Serving Compassionately (7 of 10), Pastor David shares how our love of Jesus ought to compel us to serve others in need.

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