Cultivating & Letting Go (2 of 6)

Sermon Series: Cultivating & Letting Go | Lent 2019
Sermon Title: Be a Hen in the Fox’s Den
Scripture Reading: Genesis 15:1; Psalm 27; Luke 8:22-25; 13:31-35; 2 Timothy 1:7

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Jesus showed courage in the face of fear and opposition. Contrary to popular images of Jesus, he was not stoic, dispassionate, or timid. Instead, Jesus is brave and daring, his love is fierce. He called Herod Antipas a fox and likened himself to a mother hen who takes on danger to protect her young. Listen as, Pastor David invites us to cultivate the courage of Jesus and let go of fear, in a message entitled, Be a Hen in the Fox’s Den.  

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40 Days in the Desert (3 of 6)

Sermon Series: 40 Days in the Desert: Faith Formed in the Wilderness
Sermon Title: Courageous Faith (3 of 6)
Scripture Reading: Matthew 4:5-7; John 2:13-22; 1 Corinthians 16:13-14

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If you’re going to be the Messiah, you must have the loyalty of the religious leaders—the gatekeepers and caretakers of God’s covenant people. This is what the “temple temptation” in the wilderness is all about. But instead of choosing to use spectacle to gain followers, Jesus uses a bit of prophetic theater. In Courageous Faith (3 of 6), Pastor David shares how our zeal for the Lord ought to make us strong.

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Aliens & Exiles (4 of 9)

Sermon Series: Aliens & Exiles
Sermon Title: Living in the Land of the Lions’ Den (4 of 9)
Scripture Reading: Daniel 6:1-28; 7:13-14; 9:1-3; 10:1-13

The temple is gone and the people of God have been carried off into Babylonian exile. But God has not abandoned his children. To the surprise of many, God is present and active in the lives of those seeking to be faithful while in exile. It’s in the book of Daniel that we see God honor the faithful, empower the exiles, and prove his sovereignty over all the nations on earth.

In Living in the Land of the Lions’ Den (4 of 9), Pastor David encourages us to be holy amidst unholy empire, trusting that God can protect the church and reveal his divine favor in our trials.

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