good samaritan

Peacemakers (4 of 4)

Guest Speaker: Shane Claiborne
Sermon Series:
Peacemakers: Living Peacefully in an Age of Outrage
Sermon Title: Blessed are the Peacemakers
Scripture Reading: Luke 10:25-37


Jesus told a parable of a despised Samaritan who helped a person that had been beaten and left for dead on the road to Jericho. Jesus shared this story in response to the question: “Who is my neighbor?” It’s a powerful story that seeks to crack the stereotypes and prejudices that perpetuate an “us vs. them” mentality. As Shane Claiborne points out, we should be ready to do what the “good” Samaritan did, but we should also be willing to rethink the whole road to Jericho. Listen as Shane invites us to consider how Jesus calls his disciples to reimagine what it looks like to be peacemakers.

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Christ, the Church & the Multi-Ethnic Kingdom (3 of 4)

Sermon Series: Christ, the Church & the Multi-Ethnic Kingdom
Sermon Title: Who Is My Neighbor? (3 of 4)
Scripture Reading: Luke 10:25-37; John 4:1-26; Galatians 3:28

An expert in the law once asked Jesus, "Who is my neighbor?" Jesus responded with a parable that challenged his Jewish audience to love and embrace the poor, the downtrodden, and even those who are despised. And Jesus did more than teach on the right way to think and feel about our neighbors, he showed us that we too should cross religious and ethnic boundaries for the sake of God’s reconciling love and the multi-ethnic Kingdom.

In Who Is My Neighbor? (3 of 4), Pastor David invites us to see at how Jesus' life and teachings show us that we should be intentional in our inclusion of outsiders, strangers, and minorities.

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