politics of jesus

Aliens & Exiles (8 of 9)

Sermon Series: Aliens & Exiles
Sermon Title: When Kingdoms Collide (8 of 9)
Scripture Reading: John 18:36; Luke 20:20-26; Romans 13:1-8; Philippians 1:27; 3:17-21

Are the politics of Jesus relevant for us in a democratic society? What do we do in an empire that asks for our opinion (vote) every four years? If Jesus or Paul lived in America, would they vote? If so, how would they decide who to vote for? And what does Paul mean when he tells the Christians in Philippi that their civic life should be worthy of the gospel of Christ?

In When Kingdoms Collide (8 of 9), Pastor David challenges us to see the subversive nature of the gospel and that the Kingdom is not dependent upon presidents, kings, or any form of government.

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Aliens & Exiles (6 of 9)

Sermon Series: Aliens & Exiles
Sermon Title: Yeshua: A Messiah for the Exiles (6 of 9)
Scripture Reading: Mark 5:1-13; Luke 4:1-28; John 18:33-37

We have traveled the road of God’s people through exile, deliverance, and back again. The Roman empire has ruled Judea for almost half a century when the long-awaited Messiah comes in the person of Jesus of Nazareth—an exile who comes to save exiles. What do we learn about Messiah from his temptations, the exorcism of Legion, and his defiance of Caesar before Pilate by proclaiming the kingdom of God?

In Yeshua: A Messiah for the Exiles (6 of 9), Pastor David beckons us to imagine the kingdom and what it looks like when God becomes king.

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