Inherent Worth (4 of 4)

Guest Speaker: Susan Vigliano
Sermon Title: God’s Love in a Broken World
Scripture Reading: Luke 9:23


We deny ourselves daily to bring God’s love into the lives of individuals in deep and desperate need of hope. Though there is sacrifice and suffering involved in denying ourselves and carrying our cross, there is also joy. Listen as Susan Vigliano (pastor & president of Peace Promise) shares about how the joy Christ experienced in the darkness can also be our joy in this life.

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January 28 bulletin

Train 'Em Up (3 of 3)

Sermon Series: Train 'Em Up: Raising Children to Love Jesus & the Church
Sermon Title: They’re Watching You (3 of 3)
Scripture Reading: Matthew 18:1-6; Luke 1:16-17; 2 Timothy 1:5-7

According to Jesus, it’s a serious thing to cause children to stumble. What we say and teach is important, but more than that it’s how we live out our faith to our children that has the greatest impact. What do your actions and attitude teach them about God? In They’re Watching You (3 of 3), Pastor David shares how we must show them the God who looks like Jesus and the holy habits that build faith in him, so they too will join in on the building of the Kingdom of God.

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June 25 bulletin
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