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Osheta Moore Interview

Osheta Moore (author & pastor) was invited to be a speaker in our Peacemakers series. When it didn’t look like we would be able to worship on Sunday due to a winter storm, Pastor David decided to sit down and have a conversation with Osheta in his office. While we were able to hear Osheta the next day, we believe you will find this dialogue encouraging and helpful in guiding you to be a peacemaker online. Enjoy the podcast!

Peacemakers (3 of 4)

Guest Speaker: Osheta Moore
Sermon Series: Peacemakers: Living Peacefully in an Age of Outrage
Sermon Title: We Will Tell Better Stories
Scripture Reading: John 13:34-35


Over 75% of American use the internet for everyday interaction. From texting to tweeting we’ve learn to rely on social media to help us share ideas, learn skills, celebrate milestones, and connect with people. Even though social media has opened a whole new world to many people who would otherwise feel isolated, the potential conflict is always present. In We Will Tell Better Stories, Osheta Moore answers the question: what would it look like if you embodied the love and peace of Jesus every time you logged on to your favorite platform?

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