Marks of a Spirit-Filled Church

Sermon Title: Marks of a Spirit-Filled Church
Scripture Reading: Joel 2:28-32; John 14:15-21; Acts 1:1-8; 2:1-4, 42-47

Marks of a Spirit-Filled Church.jpeg

In the Old Testament, the Spirit was at work in creation, empowered key individuals, and filled the Temple for a time. But it was through Jesus that the Spirit came in a unique way—empowering him to bring about the Kingdom on the earth. Finally, after Christ’s resurrection and ascension, the Holy Spirit comes upon his followers on the day of Pentecost, just as Jesus had foretold. In Marks of a Spirit-Filled Church, Pastor David invites us to consider why the Spirit is necessary for growth, what it looks like when the Spirit is at work in the church, and what we must do to welcome his transforming presence.

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