Family Values or Kingdom Values?

Guest Speaker: Evie Telfer
Sermon Title: Family Values or Kingdom Values?
Scripture Reading: Isaiah 56:4-5: Mark 3:21, 31-35; 4:11-12; Matt 19:27-30

Family Values - Kingdom Values.jpeg

In our culture, many of us experience Christian marriage and family to be under siege. The evangelical movement has responded by doubling down in defense of the family. Some of the unintended consequences of this have been the idolization of the nuclear family and the collateral damage it causes to single adult Christians. What if Jesus never intended to protect the biological family but to redefine it altogether? How might Jesus be calling the church to prophetically proclaim the Kingdom of God through his radical teaching of kinship in the family of faith? Listen as Evie Telfer (Messiah Village Residential Living Pastor) invites us to embrace Jesus' teaching and live out his Kingdom vision for the church.

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