Grantham Church Sermons

The weekly sermon is the heart of our church. It reflects our love of Scripture, mirrors the passions of the pastor, the interests of our congregation, and the core values of our denomination--the Brethren in Christ U.S.

We have been filming and recording our sermons for years at Grantham Church. We put them online so people from the congregation and those who follow us at a distance might benefit. We invite you to draw inspiration from those who have preached at Grantham. You will hear from our senior pastors and other members of our staff, but also other guests and members of BIC leadership over the years.

Whether you’re revisiting a sermon you remember from a few years ago that moved you, or you’re trying to find inspiration to address a problem you’re currently dealing with, our sermons can help you in your relationship with Christ as you seek to be a disciple out in the real world.

Catch up on something you missed last week or peruse our sermons going back to 2010. 

If you are interested in sermons and worship services before 2010, please visit our library.

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