Opportunities for Ministries and Serving at Grantham Church

You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase “it takes a village.” This phrase really resonates with our church. We put an emphasis on service and fellowship. Maybe it’s because our small town of Grantham really does feel like a village.

Grantham has fewer than 700 residents, and many of our houses have been around for a century. Like our church, they form a close-knit community where people are always helping each other out. 

We do the same here at Grantham Church.

Like so many BIC churches in PA, we rely on our members to minister to others. We have opportunities at the child, youth, and PrimeTimers levels. Working with these groups offers great rewards, bringing you closer to God and helping you explore your faith — and, occasionally with those younger ones, reminding you of the value of patience!

We also offer ministries that go beyond our church community, and we’re particularly proud of these. They speak to our commitment to witnessing to the world our faith in God, which is one of Grantham Church’s core values. These ministries also further our mission to promote peace in all we do, reminding us of the value of forgiveness and understanding.

Our church programs and ministry partners help to spread the word of God to new places far beyond our own village. We act as eager, joyful representatives of Brethren in Christ when we minister to people who have different backgrounds and life situations than we do. We open our hearts and minds in these missions, often learning from those we have been called to help.

Are you looking for a way to serve? Please consider our avenues of service.