Deacons at Grantham Church

deacons grantham church

Deacons are ready to assist you in getting acquainted and connected with others in Grantham Church. A deacon can help you and your family by:

  • Sharing your joy in the good times
  • Assisting in times of crisis and pain
  • Helping during a hospitalization or illness
  • Offering spiritual, emotional, or physical support
  • Providing meals, transportation, or child care during difficult times
  • Pitching in when you move  

How it works

Deacons at our church have oversight of approximately 16-18 individuals or family units. All who consider Grantham their church home are given the name of their individual deacon, who is eager to get to know you and share your joys or to assist in your times of need.  

New at Grantham Church? Would you like a deacon? 

Please contact us at: