Small Groups at Grantham church

We do sermon-based small groups at Grantham Church. You might be wondering, "What are sermon-based small groups? How is that different from your standard small group?"


A sermon-based small group is a “personal space” for worship and sharing life in close-knit community. It’s a safe place for questions, honest sharing, mutual accountability & deeper study of the Scriptures together. Our small groups are made up of approximately 8-12 people who are in different stages of life. We want to utilize discussion questions based on the previous sermon to aid in the process of learning, cultivating relationships, spiritual formation, and deepening discipleship.

Why join a small group?

Our small groups are an integral part of what we do here at Grantham Church. If you think about it, Jesus had a small group of 12 disciples. It’s true. Jesus expected that his followers would participate in public worship, but he knew that discipleship was about going deeper in community with those who are committed to him and the church. So, our small groups at Grantham are a primary vehicle for making disciples in our congregation. We want everyone to be plugged in to a small group.

We want our small groups to be accessible and inviting to new members. Our groups begin and end with the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Therefore, our groups have on and off ramps with an easy exit guarantee. This allows people to come and go more easily for various reasons. 

For more detailed information, check out this overview of our small groups ministry.

Want to join a small group?

If you’re interested in joining a small group, hosting a group, or even leading a group of your own, please contact the church office at