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The music and worship arts ministries of Grantham Church exist to bring honor and glory to God. We believe God has provided the way for a relationship with Him through the sacrifice of his son, Jesus. We celebrate and thank God in a variety of ways.

We use music, arts, song, prayer, silence, communion, testimony, drama, Scripture, and the words of those around us to glorify and honor God. We believe that we become like what we worship. And we believe that as we encounter the transforming presence of God in corporate worship, we are then sent out to carry His reconciling presence into our world.

Music Opportunities for Adults

Every choir and worship team is open to adults, including high school and college students. Grantham Church enjoys sharing our love of God by singing and making a joyful noise to the Lord. We’d love you to join us in this expression of faith.


We are a group of visual artists that create in community and for the community, including several major sanctuary projects every year. Open to those willing to commit consistently, or those interested in joining occasionally. We meet orgainically throughout the year so watch for notices.


For more information about the choirs or worship teams, email office@granthamchurch.org.